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    Bluetoothagp Guest

    Default Hunting season is upon us! WhooHoo!

    I saw a post by Skagitdrifter in which he mentioned hunting grouse and well....I realized I was leaving soon for the cabin!

    Picked up my archery tag (again) because of the better seasons and I like archery and decided to give it another try this year. Also got my sons modern rifle tag (he'll hunt with the .45 colt mostly) and we plan to do some grouse hunting when I'm not bow hunting for deer.

    Don't plan to go anywhere but our property but it's always nice to have the tag hand and a few broadheads just in case. Hope to try out some new bird arrow heads we've got too since last years attempt to harvest grouse with blunts didn't go so well -- I only harvested downy feathers and watched the birds fly off!

    Pretty stoked though and since our hunting seasons (archery and modern firearm) are spread out it means one of us will be hunting deer over the next couple months

    My step son will likely go for rifle season also so who knows....if only the grandsons were old enough! lol -- none of the ladies want to hunt or we'd have even more tags

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    Bluetoothfxg Guest


    Yep....I'm getting stoked.
    Hopefully I won't have to tie myself in the stand this year but I'm ready to go. Bow season opens in October, muzzleloading late October and rifle from November to January, then small game into February.

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    Bluetoothoue Guest


    Most hunting here doesn't open until October too. This is one of the best times of the year. The trees are beautiful. They are still stocking trout and hunting season is open. And the oppressive heat is ending. It is hard to spend every weekend building.



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