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  1. Default Please recommend a best brocker for stocks autotrading

    Hi. We`ve decided to create own autotrading system for day-trading. But we have zero experience in it. Could you please advise a best broker for this purpose and platform.
    We`ve chosen Interactive Brockers + Ninja Trader. I would greatly appreciate any thoughts about this pair. Thank you a lot.

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    BlackVuecnz Guest


    I'm sure you could do worse than IB + NinjaTrader. What alternatives were you looking at?

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    BlackVueavo Guest


    Thank you for your response. Another alternative was IB + Java API.

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    BlackVuezgi Guest


    Thank you. I`m little bit skeptical about their`s Easy language. We`ve purchased Prodigio from TOS with similar language - it`s too simple to create even simple strategy. And unfortunately tradestation do not offer any demos. We are not from USA and it`s not so easy to transfer money just to try it.



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