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    Backlitmqb Guest

    Default Neural DT Breakout Futures?

    If anyone has any experience with this software, please post.
    Neural DT Day Trading Systems

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    beneborse Guest


    Yeah do you know anything about them? Have you used it? Who is Mike?

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    Beateryxk Guest


    Oh yeah and they post only backtesting results.That must mean they havent used it live which most likely makes it risky.

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    bertinRofup Guest


    Sorry, for some reason I associated you with the creator of the trading system.

    Don't know them, I'm afraid and at those prices, I don't want to.

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    BevPartlow Guest


    Hes selling the Joe Krutsinger time any system for $4995 on Joe Krutsingers page he sells all his systems for $10000 haha I think thats going a little overboard.



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