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    Beacontgh Guest

    Default Looking to automate my system

    I have a pretty functional trading algorithm that I use to trade live with on the NQ for the past month. It makes a killing, but my current platform isn't that great for long term tick backtesting or setting up Automated trading systems (AT charts/TOS- I know I know blame my broker).

    If anyone has Ninjatrader or Tradenavigator, is fine spending <100$ to lease a proprietary indicator, is actually decent at writing autotrade systems, and wan'ts to take a shot at a potentially lucrative system let me know.

    I just don't want to move brokers/charts until i get this tested, and I am even more leary of autotrade systems, but my live trading is compleatly algorithmic so, technically it can be done.

    Last week alone netted me between 2-6K/contract (for the week, not per trade) with no stop outs (5point stop)

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    A_Natol_I Guest


    I could probably shrink the stop to 4 points, but I kinda want that back testing done, I am not even sure which platform would be best

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    Beaconzcg Guest


    I use Sierra Chart. They have a great Spreadsheet Study for Trading where the spreadsheet is 'attached' to your chart and displays outputs from your chart indicators. The Excel functionality of the spreadsheet allows you to use simple equations for buy/sell entry/exit, using the values from the indicators as required to fit your trading strategy. The package is inexpensive and free through certain brokers. I am in no way affiliated with Sierra Chart, merely a very grateful user who now spends time on strategy development/analysis and NO time on trading.

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    Beaterqns Guest


    You want someone to pay you to write your backtest on an unproven system?

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    Backlitfpr Guest


    I am just getting into the 'programming aspect of systems' with the goal of Autotrading it. Believe me you will get a lot more input if you put your system online in 'english flow' and let someone do it for you in NT7 or MC or TN systems.

    Also, there are so many systems floating out there, that you will find that someone will back-test it for you on various instruments, and tell you not to trade on the 3rd day of the week and the 3 week of the month (something like that).

    Hence, I can attempt it although I am 1-2 weeks away from starting to code the systems I have captured from 100's of forums posts that I have read, and I could add your system to it also and send you (privately), or post it publicly on this forum topic. Your choice.

    Please let me know.



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