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    Barbaraken Guest

    Default Who wants me to be their investing coach?

    I've read from time to time that people in this forum wish they could have a coach, but I'm not sure what that means.

    If you are interested in having an investment coach, could you reply to this thread and tell me what you think that means? Answer questions such as:

    1. What kind of time frame would you consider? For example: weekly evening phone calls for an hour for 6 weeks? Monthly Saturday morning 2-hour sessions for 6 months?
    2. How much would you be willing to pay for the sessions? Free? Pay as you go? Pay monthly?
    3. What would you expect to learn? The basics such as "what is fundamental analysis?" or advanced topics such as, "How do you roll out Iron Condor call strikes?"

    I'd be willing to give it a go if it makes sense for me, but I don't know what makes sense for you.


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    I am interested in an investing coach. Feel fre to shoot me a message.

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    Batteriessfn Guest


    I ain't paying you squat knowing I can lose money just fine myself, but thanks.

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    Batteryklp Guest


    It's all good, I have seen enough of the red, another disastrous day in the market...
    I have only seen one good quarter since 2008, everything else is small gains in between and then
    deep red two and three days in a row.... Gain a bit, lose it and then some, rinse, dry, repeat.

    I just can't take it anymore, not even Jim Cramer does me right, I started selling off today,
    taking what is left and if I leave it under my mattress I'll be better off.

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    Batteryryw Guest


    Due respect but if you've been trading on Cramer's advice it is no wonder you seem so bitter.



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