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    Augusthwx Guest

    Default Brand new to this

    Hey guys,

    My name's Ray and I'm interested in learning about investing - I'm looking for pointers as to where I should start reviewing the stock market and some information about buying gold. I'm fairly young, and have acquired some money from my grandmother that I want to make the most of.

    Any advice at all is greatly appreciated, thanks!

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    Augustllh Guest


    When you are new I'd suggest to read up on a lot of subjects on this forum. If you are interested in gold in particular try the search option and ask a lot of questions!

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    Augustppk Guest


    I would suggest you get some books on trading and investing. You can check out technical analysis (short term trading) and fundamental analysis (long term investing) and see which type of trading styles fits you.

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    Avalanchemov Guest


    I agree that you should read some books about investing. Watch and study the market before you actually start investing. Also, google is your friend



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