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    AnnaWheeler6 Guest

    Default Plug

    Just wondering if you're a lover or hater...lol

    The stock has a large float with high volume and a cheap price. The institute looks to be the big bag holder here and the company looks to be in questionable shape and management. I've watched it for years but it just not sure about this one. It almost looks like a pumper right now trying to break. .19 cents.

    No position at this time but just never now as it has alot of negatives.

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    Annotationsenp Guest


    've always been interested in PLUG. They're actually very close to me geographically. They used to be doing somewhat well but have since fallen off. I wouldn't ever get into it because they've had such trouble staying afloat because of management and failed projects (the fuel cells that never took off...)

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    Annotationstjt Guest


    I agree, I saw your update just now and just for shits and giggles looked at the chart and volume. Volume over the last two days has almost tripled. Price is kinda lagging but maybe its gonna do a little bit of a run here in the next day or so. I still hold no position but I kind of am still watching like you to see how this company plays out as the years and days roll on. It seems like they are probably gonna have a reverse split in the near future to increase the share price to keep a listing with the NASDAQ.

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    I don't know why they would do a reverse split. They split 1:10 in May of 2011. I think staying on the Nasdaq would be the least of their worries. Just look at their financials.

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    Starting to run......

    Quick position of 20k sold out early today for a beautiful ROI.



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