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  1. Default PPJE - sub-penny! Continuation setup w/ catalyst

    PPJE is setting up for a move higher if can break .0037. Towards the end of January the company will be having a court case in attempt to win a $5 million settlement. You can read about that here. I believe this could cause a run-up into this event.

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    advoinuaTiz Guest


    Well, this is frustrating, taking a look at this premarket at a feature in TDA's "Thinkorswim" called active trader that shows the shares and price points for buy/sale, and the only sale is at .02 (notice the lack of a second 0) Hopefully when the market opens I'll see some activity.

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    I wouldn't play unless you like gambling. It's like throwing a couple hundred bucks at the roulette table. You could lose it all or win a ton. We'll see. I just have a small position that I'm willing to let trade out. .0037 is big breakout point, but it was not quite ready yet.

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    Finally on the move today. Needs .0037 breakout to get a serious run.

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    AfroditataT Guest


    Closed up to .0048! Ideally gap and run the morning and will take some profits off while trying to let some run.



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