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Thread: Isr

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    AArabellquaw Guest

    Default Isr

    Looking for your thoughts on this stock. Is there any upsode to this and what will it take for it to keep its momentum?

    Thanks in advance

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    AbegoDelo Guest


    LOL - mentioned it here yesterday:


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    Been covering it my chat since the breakout last week. Big time chasing now. Probably looking for short entry now to be honest. But was looking to short it today too and ended up scalping long, so who knows. I just play what the action gives me. If 3 cracks tomorrow, it's done for now.

    The company still sucks in my opinion, only worth chart plays.....

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    AbbaLeSpah Guest


    Thanks. It would seem to me that if it really addresses cancer issues it might still have a little momentum. However I am new to this and am learning.



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