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    AaronDiuri Guest

    Default NEUN - NeuroGenesis

    NEUN Company Description
    After additional intense research, NeuroGenesis, a supplement formulator discovered that the Neu BeCalm'd approach is the most effective means of providing a long lasting solution to chemical imbalances in the brain. While most types of traditional medicine treat the symptoms, the Neu BeCalm'd product addresses the underlying issues in order help one achieve a normal life. In addition, the Neu BeCalm'd formulation contains FDA approved nutritional ingredients. Neu BeCalm'd has been reported to be beneficial in reducing the effects of acute as well as chronic stress factors in those who use the product.

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    abedetunubat Guest


    Neu BeCalm'd is a safe, all natural alternative to traditional medicine, and is intended for people with PTSD and other similar problems. In addition, Neu BeCalm'd contains formulations of vitamins, minerals and amino acids that are designed to assist the brain in balancing and rebuilding neurotransmitters to achieve and maintain a chemical balan

    NEUN Products and Services
    The goal of our products is to improve the availability and balance of certain chemicals in the brain called neurotransmitters. These chemicals, neurotransmitters, attach to various brain cells in the brain and, depending on the location, produce what we call thoughts or feelings or actions. When these chemicals are depleted somewhat or are “out of balance with each other” then our thoughts or feelings or actions are effected in negative ways. We may have inappropriate thoughts, feel depressed, and do things we would not normally do.

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    Airbladeqxv Guest


    While there are literally hundreds of transmitters in the brain research has shown that there are just a few that are extremely important for quality of thought, feeling and actions. The first of these is dopamine, a chemical which works to produce feelings of happiness, love, attachment, concern for others. Dopamine is produced from L-phenylalanine in our products.

    The next is norepinepherine which works to energize use, to tell our hearts to beat and our lungs to expand. This transmitter is also made from the amino acid L-phenylalanine.
    Third is serotonin, an extremely important transmitter in several places in the brain. This transmitter functions to keep our emotions in balance so that we are not up and down all the time. It also facilitates all our sensory input (sight, sound, touch, smell, and taste) to various areas of the brain for interpretation and communication. This transmitter is important in the sleep cycle as well as other rhythmic cycles our bodies experience. Serotonin is produced from 5-HTP in our products.

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    Akmeounsum Guest


    Last, and far from least, is a group of transmitters called “peptides” (because they consist of five amino acids). These transmitters are of the “opiate or opioid” family and work to reduce the effect of physical pain as well as create a sense of internal calm and completeness. When these transmitters are effective our sense of positive self concept is high, we feel good within ourselves. When deficiencies occur our pain threshold is lowered and we have a deep sense of inadequacy.

    The opioids are produced by a combination of aminos in our products, especially when NeuBecalm’d and NeuRelieve are combined. These peptides are a combination of the amino acids L-phenylalanine, L-tyrosine (which is made from L-phenylalanine), 2 molecules of the amino L-glycine and the amino acid methionine (made available by the actions of folic acid in our products.)

    When trauma or drug use occurs no single transmitter is depleted but all of the transmitters in the effected area are limited. It is important to use a well balanced supplement which will work to reestablish the desired balance for optimum effect.

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    AjamesHon Guest


    NEUN Key Company Management
    Albert H. Bieser serves as Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Neurogenesis Inc. Mr. Bieser served as Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer of Neurogenesis. Prior to 1984, Mr. Bieser served as the President of B. E. Industries, Inc., a successful private company that manufactured ship board satellite antenna aiming systems, President of General Computer Systems, Inc. a publicly held firm which manufactured a proprietary 'key-disk-tape' data entry subsystem and as Managing Director of Recognition Equipment-Europe,a computer related company. He holds Bachelor of Science Degrees in Business Administration (1953) and Electrical Engineering (1959) from the University of Colorado. He also holds a Master of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering from Southern Methodist University (1963).



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