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  1. Default What did you do today?

    This is a popular thread on another forum I am on so I thought it might be here as well.
    The idea is, sometimes you want to share something you did today but it doesn't quite need it's own thread, just post it here.

    Today, I created this new thread.

    Easter weekend, first of 3 family get together's is starting at my sister's place at 10:00 AM - Easter brunch. Everyone basically brings something breakfast related, and we meet up and eat like... bunnies I guess. Afternoon it's on my wife's side, more food for supper. Next day its more family/friends.

    Hope everyone has a great weekend, plenty of food - family and friends.

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    Andrewped Guest


    Tightened the intake manifold on the chevy, got the rumble and the magic back
    Purchased some webspace and put up the first page of our latest adventure;

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    AndreyPex Guest


    What year is the Chevy? V8 I am guessing?

    I like the coffee table, is that one of your creations?

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    AndreyBew Guest


    Went to urgent care and found out what was making me feel like crap was a virus, like I thought it was. But I wanted to be sure it wasn't strep or something.

    Feeling bored and maybe well enough that I am thinking of hitting the workshop and finishing the flashlight mod that is begging for my attention ever since the driver board came in the mail.

    Those are some serious slabs from some seriously sized trees.

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    Angelleve Guest


    Nothing but taping. Mud everywhere. We ordered a bunch of perennial fruit and vegetable bushes, going to focus energy on the long term stuff this year.

    Hardy Kiwi

    The NYS DEC also sells trees at cost, so we have 25 American Plumb, 25 Sycamore, 25 Hazlenut on the way here.

    Don love the look of that Butternut. You guys have a cool operation going down there.



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