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    Aaaucehus Guest

    Default Stock Scan Project

    Dear Friends,

    I’m inviting you to test my first stock scan project.

    Simple request:
    Each person to give me names of 2 stocks you own or are interested in. I will conduct a research on these 2 stocks based on my long-term systematic and rule-based trading strategy. Then I will give you a short stock scan report of each stock so that it can aid you in your decision-making. I can’t promise you that I can research on some obscure stocks, but whatever stocks you throw at me, I’ll do my best to research on them. Sample screenshots are attached.

    This pilot project is free. I hope you can test it out with me. Write to me at francistan@fjion.com.

    Do also remember that I trade numbers(which are always prices) in a numbers game, also known as the markets. Fundamentals such as news, bank actions, economic data and company reports are not in my trading and research. Hence, the stock scan reports are all

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    abadabiast Guest


    WHAAAAA? 22% win rate with an avg 1% gain a year?

    Maybe we should rethink that backtest? Throwing darts at the chart could do better than 1% and win more than 22% of the time.

    If it took you 18 years to make 19%, we have a problem. The stock market alone went up 26% last year.....

    Why did you choose HSY? and why not just buy and hold from 1996? You would be up more than 400%, not 18%....

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    Your backtest on HSY is not good. What is your strategy here? Why did you use 1996 as the starting point? You do realize the longer time frame trades, you need to look at longer time frame charts. Your strategy may work on some short runs, but man in the long-term you wouldn't even beat inflation, just saying. I think you can be a good trader, but think about what you posted above......

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    Thanks for your response! And great questions.

    1. I'm a trend following trader using end-of-day prices.
    2. I trade the forex and futures markets.
    3. I don't trade a single market or even a few single markets.
    4. I trade from a portfolio of more than 50 markets.
    5. I don't trade HSY.
    6. The HSY scan report was requested by someone who wanted to see how it would have performed according to my trend following strategy.
    7. My risk per position is 0.6% of equity. Compare this figure to 19% overall return.
    8. My typical winning rate is between 20% to 40% depending on the markets, which means I lose most of my trades.
    9. I am overall profitable from my portfolio so far.
    10. I have many losing months and years.
    11. I have many drawdowns.
    12. My biggest drawdown is at -17%.
    13. I gun for huge wins to more than make up my multiple drawdowns.
    14. I target 1% to 2% ROI annually for each market.
    15. Hence, I target 10% to 20% ROI annually for the entire portfolio of different markets.
    16. My primary inspirations are the turtle traders and other trend following traders like Bill Dunn and Larry Hite.
    17. I thank you for the questions.

    Hope I have added some value through my sharing.



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