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  1. Default Short the Cramer's Pop in OCNF

    Last night Cramer mentions Ocean Freight (OCNF) as a stock to buy, to capitalize on the strength in dry bulk shippers and soaring freight rates..

    As a result, the stock is trading up about 5.5% this morning in pre-market trading

    This is a very good entry on a speculative short sale, in my humble opinion.

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    AlexVoronoa Guest


    Because the Company doesn't even own a fleet of ships yet. This company IPO'ed in 2006, and they used their money from going public to purchase a fleet of 7 ships..SHIPS THAT THEY HOPE TO RECEIVE BY AUGUST OF 2007!!!!!!

    So this company doesn't even have a fleet yet, but the stock is charging higher, like a wild bull

    This reminds me of the internet bubble and I've opened small short in OCNF at $23.95, in pre-market trading

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    AlfredKIC Guest


    Whom do you use as a broker that allows short sales in pm? Scottrade does not and it pisses me off to no end when you can see these big down openings coming like this am.

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    Alinnnaaa Guest


    Thanks for the info...another question if you don't mind....do they ever let you short stocks under $5 or enter p/m orders before 8am?

    That list of ships is pitiful...bunch of old fuel inefficient discards, good choice with ever increasing fuel costs:roll: Looks like a great short candidate, the market open should scare those new buyers out of that one pretty quick I would think.

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    You can short stocks under $5.00..

    You can enter orders prior to 8 am as well

    I highly recommend IB to frequent traders.. I've had wonderful success with them.. and its CHEAP!



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