Remember where and when you heard this, I have not seen it in the news yet and my contact is very reliable and an expert in the field:

A newly discovered virus is infecting the swine herds of China and South East Asia. 1,000,000 adult pigs dead in china last month and approximately 4000 a day in Viet Nam. USDA has a team on the ground there to help with the quarantine and control.
My contact says there is some unrest among the local population due to increasing pork prices and the army presence has been increased to prevent any strikes or protests.

At this point I haven't keyed in on a strategy to take advantage of this info, but I am working on it.
Also worth noting is the recent new outbreak of Hoof and mouth in the U.K. I don't know if these two things dovetail in any way or if a play that encompasses both is out there.

I am thinking about the following plays:
Companies that export pork products to China
Veterinary Pharma
Quarantine and control companies (anything from animal pens to disinfectants)

Any other ideas would be welcome and I'll post any new info I get as I get it.