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    AdelinPrape Guest

    Default Which anime is best?

    Which anime is best? (27 votes)

    Naruto 33%
    Dbz 44%
    One piece 19%
    Bleach 4%

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    Frankly, considering the series as a whole, the characters in Naruto are just so much more interesting, particularly the villains. It would've been cool if the entirety of Shippuden wasn't just a Naruto/Sasuke wank fest, but oh well...

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    Airbladepck Guest


    1. Dragon Ball Z
    2. One Piece
    3. Bleach
    4. Nartuo(The Only anime on the list i haven't watched entire seasons of) Just couldnt get into it.

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    Question should've been which Shonen Jump anime is best?



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