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    AllaHoort Guest

    Default MACD Fake Signal how to improve it

    I have been monitoring the MACD Signal on a 30 min chart. The MACD setting is 9,13,9. However all the buy signal entry are then hit by the stop loss. How can I improve this setting,or do i have to change my time frame or do i have to add some other more indicators to support it. Below is the link for the video which shows how the stop loss are hit after the MACD buy signal is triggered.

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    Allstersaife Guest


    something i found was trading signals in the direction of the trend helps significantly

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    Aaronstura Guest


    Looking at your vid' it appears to me that you're trying to buy in a down trend. That's a sure fire recipe for loads of duff signals. I agree 100% with mightyal: only take long signals in an uptrend and short signals in a downtrend and either (long or short) if the market's range bound.



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