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    Airbladepnh Guest

    Default High Probability Shorts to Initiate

    Of the four or five hundred usual suspects that I follow on a regular basis, the following four names represent the highest probability short entries for this week. I'll save the detailed descriptions for each as the set-up for all is very similar. These names are showing signs of weakness and are now retesting areas where selling was either initiated or getting ready for a second leg lower.

    CAR (Short/52.4 Stop)
    FAST (Short/52.4 Stop)
    BKS (Short/22 Stop)
    CCI (Short/75.6 Stop)

    If you are unable to initiate short positions then consider buying out-of-the money puts in the forward month.

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    Airbladexvm Guest


    Disclaimer: The following was posted on April 16th on our FB page:
    Yesterday I posted CAR (Short/52.4Stop). I apologize for the colossal error. The short I meant to post was KMX (Short/52.4 Stop). I don't know where my head was yesterday. KMX is the symbol for CarMax Inc. Instead of posting KMX is posted CAR which is AVIS Budget. Again, sorry for the dyslexia.

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    What's your rationale for buying out of the money puts?

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    My outlook for the names is negative for the foreseeable future. OTM puts are a good way to capitalize on the downside for a small premium.



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