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    Alinnnaaa Guest

    Default Looking For Stock Return Calculator

    There seem to be plenty of online stock return calculators out there, but I'm having difficulty one that does the following:

    - enter in stock symbol
    - enter in the number of shares
    - enter purchase date

    Then I want it to calculate the return based upon the current stock price 'without' dividend reinvestment, but factoring in the annual dividend yield.

    This seems like it should be pretty straight forward and simple.

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    alizifepho Guest


    Not sure how to answer your question because I could just look at a Thinkorswim chart and tell you the answer in about 10 seconds to look back one year...2 minutes if you wanted 10 years etc.

    I know decades of "investor education" has made a big deal about stocks that pay dividends....but you might do a google search for the term "ex-dividend". Basically it means that there is a day that the stock trades a t minus the dividend paid....so basically it's really a wash...you get a dividend but the value of the stock drops by that much at the same time. Just a thought.

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    Alohaliskaw Guest


    So basically you want to calculate compound interest without dividend?

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    AllenSak Guest


    Maybe I'm explaining it wrong....
    - if I bought 1 stock on January 1, 2015 for $10
    - then over the course of the year it goes up and on on December 31, 2015 the current price is $11.
    - I guess this would mean my return is 10%, correct?
    - then if the same stock pays a 3% dividend / year, then my total return is roughly 13%?

    So I'm looking for calculator that I can enter my purchase date, the number of shares, and it will calculate the return based upon the current price, and dividend. However, I am not doing DRIP - just taking it as cash. I'm sure I'm probably off in my understanding, but that is what I'm trying to calculate.

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    AlvinMuh Guest


    Why don't you calculate compound interest instead of normal interest? This will make your calculation better.

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    basically you take what your dividend (D) and you add to the current stock price (P1). Then you divide by the price you paid for the stock (Po). So it should look like (P1+D)/Po = return



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