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    Airbladenhu Guest

    Default Go back to charting? You must be kidding!

    Lend me your ears!

    Back in the golden land of OZ I have been reviewing my portfolio results for the last 2 and half months while on hols in UK, during which time I did not look at a single chart.

    The All Ords rose 5.7 % and my CFDs rose a further 6.0 % giving a total gain of 11.7% in 2.5 months.

    The shares were selected on fundamentals and had nothing to do with charts.

    During the preceding 3 months when studying charts my CFDs fell in value while the market rose.

    Conclusion ... less charting more hols

    It is still good to be back in the land of wine, women and rugby union.

    May all your grapes be peeled

    Your Loving Emperor

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    OK I'll bite...

    My portfolio consists of ABX AVJ AVN AYO CMQ CTO CTX CXP ETR FKP FWD JBM OXR SGW and VRE

    In the last 10 weeks it has increased in value by 18.5%
    In the preceeding 3 months it increased by 10.3%

    No fundamentals were considered, no leverage was used, based only on charting.

    I'm a bit heavy (!) on gold stocks, but intend to balance them soon with possibly some FAN, GUD, TIM and SKE

    Conclusion, I'll stick with charting, but others should use whatever method suits them best.

    I'm sure other traders, esp those that do it fulltime, and like messing about in boats, have done much better.

    Regards, chance

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    Now let's calculate percentage gain per hour invested in technical analysis

    For the sake of the calculation my zero hours invested will count as one hour ... now let me see that is ... er ... um ....

    11.7% for the "1" hour spent over the 2.5 months

    Has anyone done better, taking all their hours and total % gain into the calculation?

    Then again there was a time quite recently when I enjoyed doing the technical analysis for the enjoyment and the intellectual challenge ... I might get back to it for that reason ...

    Not willing to let my stupid chart reading beat me! Especially when I know others are reading their charts more professionally and making heaps ...

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    I'm willing to give it a crack, but do I have to include the hours where I dozed off while researching the funnymentals, and becoming a chart artist.

    Did you spend anytime reading your US 'bear' subscription, or did you see the light and cancel?



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