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    aaamarxdenxcp Guest

    Default Tullow oil - TLW


    Many thanks for reply.

    I'll take on your points and start looking at different time frames, i must admit i wasn't really doing this.

    I always have stops in, i believe sometimes they are to close to a trend line and not major support.

    Heres hoping…


    I do generally go for the same stocks as before, perhaps that my i'm not consistent. I'm going to try and spend more time on trading very soon.


    Many thanks for the method, i'll have a look.

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    I'm currently using IG Markets for all my trades, and using their free charting functionality to help with my entry and exit points on each trade.

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    I use FxPro Ctrader as my main charting platform and execute my trades through CMC. With regards to trading I'm almost exclusively FX these days. I have several watchlists with the major pairs that I'll look at each morning. Screenshot below:


    The strategy I've been using this year is an Ichimoku one and uses the 5M and 1H chart. Price below the cloud on the 1H = bearish, then when price crosses beneath the cloud on the 5M you take the short with a stop above the last swing high. I use the RSI as a sense checker e.g don't take the short if the RSI is oversold and use common sense when looking at the chart i.e. 1H below the cloud but price is making higher highs then I'll tend to avoid them.

    Key is not to over trade and not to get greedy. Set realistic targets (i usually go for the last swing low on the 1H if short) and this is sometimes "optimistic"

    As for Tullow... perhaps a cheeky order above that last swing high at circa 219 with a stop below 187

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    I hope you dont mind me asking this rather silly question.

    I'm a novice as some of you may have gathered

    How do you guys screen your stocks? using software or do you stick with ones you have traded historically?

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    Addextuax Guest


    i'm good thanks...
    In terms of trading techniques, i can only speak for myself.
    I just really simple methods...just the basics really tbh.

    Trendline, rsi breakouts, supports. Support and resistance levels, bull/bear flags. moving ave's etc...
    I find the simple indicators and methods work best...off course get them wrong at times! Glen for example

    If you find too many trades going wrong, look at the chart in longer time frames, weekly and even monthly.
    Avoid trading against the trend imho....as that's harder to win....
    I would say is keep going....i think you know quite a lot more about technaical's than your making out...lol we must keep looking to improve, you will winning ways eventually.. just make sure you have stops for protection, and don't get tempted to gamble, discipline is vital imho
    ATB, and btw i replied to your mail... maybe you did't see it...



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