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    AndrewBitty Guest

    Default What is the most moral response

    If for instance we(we meaning us high military command) learn that NK has launched an icbm which seems to be headed toward the us what would be the most morally responsible answer for the us to make? This is without knowing whether it has a nuclear warhead attached but highly suspecting it might.

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    Tomahawk Missile the crap outta all their know bases, all at once.
    Can't fight if their military is annihilated.
    Send in South Korea to take over, and Make Korea Great Again!

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    AndrewtVak Guest


    Screw morals - what've they ever done for me

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    angelinafp16 Guest


    Any military organization had a moral obligation to maintain the safety and security of their respective country and to protect the lives and interest of their citizens using the fullest extent of their capability if necessary.

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    Shoot it down if we can, examine any remains if we can, determine whether or not they were attempting to nuke us if we can, then declare war.



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