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  1. Default Forex Holy Grail Golden Eagle Edition

    Hey guys, I was searching for one system called Forex Holy Grail Golden Eagle Edition. I heard of it on one forex forum but could not find any link to the website. I can't find anything regarding it on the internet as well. Anyone heard of this system?

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    The last of the 89 copies were sold long ago.

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    catchy title ............it should fly off the shelves

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    Probably soared like Icarus.......

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    Golly - I wonder why everyone in the trading universe is not using the "holy grail" indicator.There would be no need to study and practice for a few years on demo and real time accounts !
    We could all take money off the market which, hopefully, would never adjust to negate the "holy grail" effect.
    However, if I had this "Midas" indicator I would never share it 'cos I want all the dosh from you losers !
    But, then again, I am the guy that would eat your last "Rolo."



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