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  1. Default MDNT - Medient Studios Inc

    Down over 100% the past 5 days. Tested support today and receiving a bounce. Looked like several block trades went through today so careful if you play as there are several held shares out there. If the .80 breaks then I would say this one is over.

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    PENA known for their "institutional clients" sat on the ask all day then disappears without selling a share, and now WDCO pops up on the ASK as the last MM.

    Block trades going through today. 11:12 15K shares block trade @ .80. 9K share block trade @ 12:43.

    Bounce from a sell off to .80 to a hod of 1.21. Could be wrong but I would say a promo is in its future. Still give caution to those held shares that are all around.

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    May want to check out CAPS too, big wash blocks today.

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    agrohimykf Guest


    MDNT is showing to try being a big turd. Those "promotional shares" are killing this thing; and Sadly neither Sure nor Interactive had shares to use to short with. Cause that would of been the play. New 52 week low today @ .71 This thing is through. Way to many shares given out to "promote" with 500K

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    The pos looks like it has finally found bottom. Loads of volume today hitting the ask looks like pre-promo buying. Currently up 37% on the day. I think all the convertible shares have passed through so if this gets some more volume it may be able to move. Still I would suggest to play with caution.



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