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Thread: GALT long

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    Amazonnnajl Guest

    Default GALT long

    Resistance at $14.00 but good action. Target $20.00 if it breaks out of $14.00

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    Amazonnnlte Guest


    I like GALT. I probably won't hold out for 20, but I agree if it can break 14 it could run a few bucks.

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    Ambrosemok Guest


    GALT is running again today. ICPT seems to be breaking out from its tight range. Galt is also presenting on Monday the Feb 10th at 4:00 So this might run into Monday. Looking for it to take out 14 and could certainly run 2 or 3 more. Not looking to hold into Tuesday, just playing the ICPT momentum.

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    This sucker is running, come on 14.00 Very Heavy Volume coming in now. I think its going to blow past 14.00

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    Galt is at $14.00 now, expecting a big breakout there. This just might fly to $20.00



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