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  1. Default The best way to see it TA beats or is Equal too FA

    This is to create a thread of honest folk, who are diligently trying to improve their skill, whether it be technical or fundamental.

    It is not of a consequence, this thread is for both points of view.

    Please refrain from being rude or abusive, that's all I ask.

    I'll start with this stock based purely on the chart

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    Reasons why I wouldn�t buy IC2 Global (ICC)
    1. They have never made a profit since the tech boom in 2000;
    2. Their in the telecommunications sector which is out of favour and in downtrend;
    3. Their turnover is currently $9k per day;
    4. If I bought a swag, enough to make it worthwhile, I couldn�t get out at my stoploss because the market would dry up if the price dropped.
    5. The price trend is down, down, down. The only upward trend I can see is in the last few days and that may be just noise.
    6. I don�t know any reason why this company is likely to outperform the telecoms market (especially for me to take on this level of risk).

    Jules, I would be interested to know what you were looking for in this trade: �
    A lottery ticket? There are probably better ones around (GDY, JUM, MGX, AMU, AWE, AED, FAR, CUE, SEN�.)
    A technical trade � why not pick something in uptrend supported by its longer term trend and sector trend?
    A fundamental trade? � why not pick a stock which is or will be turning in a profit soon?

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    Tell me Why you wouldn't buy it!

    Because it's not going up

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    AlbertSib Guest


    This is a chart which might engender both Technical and Fundamental discussion.

    Many are put off by the BIG share price, but it has zoomed up about 75% since 01/07/2005.

    Recent corrections may have had more to do with market sentiment, than Fundamental or Technical issues.


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    Simply it isn't a pick, if it were I would have put it in the asx of long term trade thread.

    It was just an experiment, thanks to all who contributed.



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