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    Edwinabeni Guest

    Default whats your favorite and least favorite video game???

    explain reasons

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    War in the Pacific: Admiral Edition - I love sophisticated war games, naval warfare, and world war 2 military hardware. This game got it all by massive, overwhelming amount.
    Jagged Alliance 2 1.13 mod - the best squad base tactical turn-base game made by humankind.
    Silent Hunter 3 (series overall) - i like realistic hunting games and nothing is more exciting than hunting a convoy of American shipping vessels and aircraft carrier in the vast Atlantic Ocean.
    Alpha Centauri - I like sci-fi 4x and no other 4x combines story, role-playing, and strategic "gamey" gameplay like Alpha Centauri in my opinion.
    BS:Infinite (BS stands for Bull Shit by the way as I enjoy the Bioshock series in general) - the most overrated, most over-price, most boring, corridor first person shooter game ever made with the most idiotic, non-sensical, overly dramatic garbage of a story that doesn't lead into anything it was trying to think it would lead to.
    The rabid fanboys that it spawned who think they are smart because they enjoy (the dumbest representation of) quantum/parallel universe story (in sci-fi) doesn't help its case either.
    Songbird is the only redeeming feature of the game in my opinion and they pretty much screw him/her up.

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    Kotor cuz Revan.
    And I can't think of the worst game.

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    My favorite is a toss up between a fully modified Skyrim and the original Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic. A fully modded Skyrim lets me tailor the game to nearly my exact tastes. I change the look of the game, the animations of the game, the armor, weapons and spells of the game...oh and there are other more jiggly mods, as well. Plus, I can add new quests and even new worlds. It never gets old for me. As for KOTOR, I just like the story, the characters and the combat system a whole lot.
    I don't think I have a least favorite. Maybe most popular competitive multiplayer modes because I suck and die real fast over and over, plus those that do choose to use a mic are often foul mouthed and disagreeable.

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    Favourite - final fantasy VII, with a few other games coming in tied for second.
    Most hated - it's not my most hated, but I do hate it but not because it's bad. The last of us. It's so over hyped that it's put me off the game. I hate it because of how people act about it.



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