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    Alina777zeks Guest

    Default 7 Retirement Questions to Answer if You’re 50 or Older

    Successful retirement has a blueprint.

    Whether you are already retired, or retirement is years away, you can follow this blueprint to enhance your financial independence.

    You should have a written retirement plan. Developing a plan requires you to carefully consider key issues, and surveys of retirees show those who had written plans are more satisfied.

    A plan reduces uncertainty, and it gives you reasonable expectations.

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    Aliseviact Guest


    Those without plans “learn as they go.” They make more mistakes in the early years of retirement and require more frequent and dramatic changes as time goes on. They often have unrealistic expectations about retirement.

    A plan for successful retirement must answer crucial questions. I’ve stripped retirement planning to its essence and determined the questions that must be answered. That is your blueprint for retirement.

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    Age shouldn’t determine when you retire. You need to be ready and able.

    Retirement readiness is a state of mind. Being ready means you are content to leave behind your workplace, including colleagues, structure, the sense of purpose and the activities associated with it. You’re ready to spend more time on other activities.

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    Being able to retire means your income and assets are sufficient to allow you to stop working. Answering the questions in the rest of this article will help you be able to retire.

    Of course, the transition to retirement doesn’t have to be abrupt. More and more people find a gradual transition is better. Over months or years, they reduce working hours or increase vacation time, often by changing jobs.

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    In other words, what is your average life expectancy? Your plan will be very different if your life expectancy is 10 years, rather than 35 years.

    Most people underestimate average life expectancy. That makes for a bad retirement plan.

    If you’re married, a related question is, how long will you live together? Income and expenses will change after one spouse passes away. The plan should anticipate this event



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