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  1. Default Great Flags and HPS (High Probability Setup)

    Sitting down doing some research tonight knowing i was going to find some gems for tomorrow. Well I will not disappoint you and instead of a video I just want to post the charts here and add a few lines to describe each setup and what looks the best.

    The truth is I only got through maybe a 1/4 of my watch list before realizing there are some really great setups and so much as to make me consider the possibility that sooner and not later we will be seeing the markets move higher and making new highs before getting any real pullback.(SPX).

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    Lets just get started so I can get back to some mindless reality show.

    I will save the best bet for tomorrow and Friday for the end of the list. Almost all are equally as great, I will try to weigh them out a little more down below.

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    Airbladeeqr Guest


    ETR this is a on the HPS watchlist this week and performing perfectly, check watchlist for targets and alerts.


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    Agrovedadarp Guest


    DUK talked so much about these on watch list and focus all day. Working perfectly and looking for follow through tomorrow. Also could be the beginning of a bigger trend higher.

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    Wide Flag this is probably #2 Best Bet. "Wide Flag" is something that has discernible pivot areas. I find this easier to time and more reliable. Great Stock Nice Flag



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