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Thread: Asos

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    Aaaucehus Guest

    Default Asos

    just rechecked the chart, its looks to have bounced off the t/line....

    im long, @3020 stop below t/line...


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    My understanding is that the target of 5153 came into play when the price crossed the 2922.41 level as per attached chart (which is the blue vertical line of Xs). The 45 degree lines are support and resistance.

    I have also taken the liberty of adding bollinger bans which can also give an indication of support and resistance.

    Please note I am no expert in P&F nor TA, this is my interpretation, if someone has a different views I will be happy to hear from them.

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    some great P+F charts, thanks.
    not exactly sure what the ASOS charts saying! can you please explain?

    thanks in advance.

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    This looks like a potential trendline bounce here.
    i'm going to go long @ 2975p. first attempt only.

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    AdelinPrape Guest


    I still this on the breakout at 3000p, as it broke its recent trading range, and resistance.

    I kept my stop tight after seeing Remo's post!
    its up a nice 5% from then, so happy with that, i think its got more to give, so holding out for now

    ATB, and good weekend folks,

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    looking at your chart....Its a no..
    123 low has to come at the bottom of a trend and not any where else..
    The 123 low breakout happened back in october 28th



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