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  1. Default Ukraine mystery invaders...

    Just curious...

    But aren't armed forces required by the Geneva Convention to display country of origin insignia? Not that it matters now... but isn't that the case?

  2. Default

    No idea myself. But whatever the rule on that, it is my opinion that the USA should keep its nose and its armed forces out of there.

  3. Default

    As should Putin. Every time through a long history when you think the people of that region are about to catch a break... another tyrant comes along.

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    Just when it looked like the European realm was starting to stabilize.

    I don't think either the EU or the US are up for a war about this. Maybe the Crimea should be seen as just being on loan from Russia? Wasn't it 1954 that the Soviet Union gave it to Ukraine?

    If the bear starts nibbling on eastern Ukraine that would be a bigger provocation.

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    If you have a bunch of mystery combatants wandering around in your city, can't you just shoot a few and see who complains?

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    thank you....



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