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    The site and posts will be put on hold for the time being due to personal restrictions. Hopefully, I'll be able to resume it in the future!

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    As told, the first winner for this month's prize of a 1-month stockcharts account is statepkt. (Please email me to confirm it!)

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    Ad revenues have generated enough for two more accounts, PM me if you could really use it to it's potential and benefit from it.

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    Rats, bad news indeed.

    Hopefully no bad news your end and it is trading that keeps you busy.

    Looking forward to the site back up soon.:top:

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    AlinaWal Guest


    It probably generates a lot more than a buck a click. Google also gets a cut of the revenue. It could be several dollars a click. I wonder what their % of the take really is.

    It takes a lot of time just to write good content for a website. But when you have to write content and do all the website design and site maintenance yourself, it almost becomes a full time job. Doing a blog might be a better way to go, but it is still time consuming and probably won't generate as much adsense revenue as a regular website. Here's a cool site that teaches anybody that wants to set up a blog. It's 10 video tutorials.




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