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  1. Default ALTR - Semiconductor play

    Strength showing in the semiconductor sector (^SOXX index), may have a short term move to the upside soon in the sector.

    ALTR's forming an ascending triangle with the resistance line at ~15.65 and the support level trailing below.

    Watch for the possible re-test of the uptrending support line and base your entry on the move above resistance with volume; a stop at 15.00 after an entry at 15.90 should suffice in the scenario that a failed breakout occurs.

    I'll be looking to get in soon.

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    Airbladeked Guest


    If one was to enter at the $15.90 range - what is your estimated exit corner for a profitable and reasonably safe trade?

    Aim for the GAP at what seems to be $16.60 ish on your chart, and exit when the GAP is filled or go for broke and see if it will crack $18.00 ish which seems to be a former resistance point or bail just before it tries it?

    I have listened to the Video that you have on your site, and the fellow does mention the same as you as it pertains to the SEMI showing some recent strength.

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    Airbladeqxv Guest


    Yeah I posted this on my site as a model, but I really like it for a trade.

    Target sell will be in the $17-18 range.

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    Thank you for sharing, I'll put it on my watch list and might take a tiny bite at it just to get my feet wet.

    Cheers - :beerglass:

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    You can easily play the breakout failure to your advantage too; a drop below 14.75 should give a nice short trade to 13.



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