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    AaronZowly Guest

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    With a P/E below 1 and near 52 wk lows, thinking of picking some up as a risky investment in my IRA. What are your thoughts?

    I know shipping prices have been down ~90% over the year with the economy slowing down, and they have bad debt management, but can be good LT investment IF they can survive this downturn in the economy.

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    I bought 70 shares a couple of weeks ago. It was rising nicely until this recent downturn on Wednesday and Thursday. My research shows that it's a strong company with plenty of cash on hand.

    This market volatility will likely last the rest of the year, but I think it's a sound investment for the long term.

    Check out this very recent update on Dryships Inc.

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    I would have more strongly agreed with you until that earnings call, that was brutal. In this day and age there is certainly the potential for their debt holders to get antsy and call on them. I do hold some of them and think it's a good bet for the long term, but I am not as confident as I was on 23 oct when I started to buy in.

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    It seems like DRYS will have a good day. I think China's stimulus package will help the dryshippers industry to improve. Is it time to get in?



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