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    AngelEmuct Guest

    Default Hello Everyone.. New to the Forum

    Hello... I`m fairly new to the stock market and want to gain some knowledge in this domain. I`m not a regular trader however with the limited knowledge i had i bought ANF, AEO, HTZ,CNNX,BTG.
    ANF wiped off all the goodness in my portfolio.

    I`m open to your suggestions and want to know if i need to let go off any of these stocks. Also it would be great if you could suggest some good picks for short term gains.

    I`m really happy find an active forum like this! Looking forward to be a good active part of this forum.

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    Angelpomia Guest


    Welcome to the forum!

    When it comes to managing positions, you need to establish the parameters at the time you enter the stock.

    Are you buying for the long term?

    Can you handle some risk?

    Will you keep a stop loss level?

    In the case of ANF here, if something has fundamentally changed and the reasons you bought it are no longer valid, then cut your losses.

    OR, if you feel that there is a turn around coming and still like the stock, you can always add to the position.

    We can't really answer that for you, it depends on your risk tolerance and goals!

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    AnnaApokEDO Guest


    Welcome to the board @yoga and congrats on your 1st post. First off you might want to set a stop in the future to limit your loss or lock in a gain. On the rest of the stocks I am not familiar enough with them to tell you whether to let go of them or not. News and charts can give you a good idea of what to do and if their sector is in favor or not.

    Good luck...TTT

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    AnnaMetty Guest


    Thanks for your response Gil.. I was hoping for a turnaround and added a few more of them (at a all - time low) to my portfolio.

    Initially when i started trading i was hoping to keep them as a long term holding but looking at the performance , I`m hoping te break it even and let go.

    Also is there a good link or a website you could point me to gain some fundamental knowledge on stock factors (P/E, EPS, MA etc)

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    Annotationsasj Guest


    Thanks for your heads up!! I was going through this forum a month back and came across your Top picks thread . I was watching WPX since then which had a good growth story.



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