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Thread: Gambling.

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    Amazonnnlfg Guest

    Default Gambling.

    I haven't been paying attention or learning anything about stocks for the last couple of days or weeks maybe. I really like to think that there's some type of format to trading stocks, but it seems more subjective than anything.

    So it kind of stressed me out and I started learning to play poker. Which is really fun.

    I've been told on many occasions that stocks are like gambling and I should stay away. What's so wrong with poker/gambling? It's something profitable so as long as your skilled. If you fold on time you're cutting your losses.

    Which is more profitable? From a non-subjective point?
    I feel like stocks should be easier to be accurate on because you have access to so much information.

    Also.. I don't know what to learn anymore.
    Technical indicators? = Garbage because some big firm already researched it.
    Fundamentals? = Buy on the rumor, sell on the news. I'm not friends with any insiders unfortunately.

    I've taken all this advice and now I'm stumbling through the objections. I don't know how to try and predict a stock anymore.

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    How to try anyways.

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    Exactly.....you managed to learn something that a lot of others may or may not ever get. One thing you left out....strategy.

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    Andreyma Guest


    That makes a lot of sense but again it's subjective. It's great advice but it doesn't go into specifics.
    How do you form a strategy to begin with? How do you say XYZ company will go up because of X "mechanical" facts.
    I can stick to rules, but how do you make those rules to begin with?
    And then once you do how do you manage risk? How do you say I XYZ company is at $5 dollars, I because backed by "facts of" assume XYZ will climb to $10.

    If wrong I will cut my losses at 5:1. So if company XYZ hits $4 dollars I will sell.

    But how do you form a strategy that is non subjective and mechanical like these guys say? I assume it would be to guide away from fundamental analysis such as news etc because that's subjective.

    SO all we're left with is technical indicators right?

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    Andrewlax Guest


    Not really. If you look at Dough.com there are NO technical indicators aside from a tiny candlechart you can pull up. Their strategies are built around the idea that any directional play is basically a 50/50 shot. Most of the strategies involve volatility mean reversion, price extremes, cost basis reduction, theta decay, standard deviations, delta risk, etc. All of which are measurable.

    Everything they do is up on tastytrade.com, and the tastytrade youtube channel, all free for anyone who wants to take the time to learn it.



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