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Thread: Long OPTT

  1. Default Long OPTT

    Reversal Play. If it can take out 4.50 we should see this head up into the 6 area.

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    Just broke out, this could go quickly.

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    Airbladeqxv Guest


    Looks like another attempt on big volume, fingers crossed.

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    So Far its flying looking for 6.00

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    I'll help ya, in some 4.52 here. Big seller needs to be taken out. I won't hold for 6, but I like it for a pop if that seller gets out of the way.

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    Just curious....what's the reasoning for this assumption. Is it based on any history or added value or ?. I realize there is some momentum here but it really looks like it's just consolidating into a new value after the Lockheed deal.
    If I had to put money on it I would guess 4.25 by then end of the day as the price continues to consolidate like it did the last two spikes this year.

    edit: also there is like a .04-.06 spread on the bid/ask sometimes more. Just looks very inefficient as the volume falls away.



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