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    AnvinAntics Guest

    Default Blaine Tarr Interesting Read... Should Central Banks Cancel Government Debt?

    Found this on the ZeroHedge blog a few minutes ago. It's an interesting read to say the least for those of you interested in the Macro Economy.

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    I'm a big fan of Ron Paul, and in principle what he's saying jives with my opinion because in my view the Fed is a fraud, but I disagree that this has any chance of happening. The primary reason for this is that the Federal Reserve is not 'federal' and moreso there are no 'reserves.' The Fed is a privately held institution owned by a handful of legacy families some of which include the Rothschilds and the Warburgs.

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    Apompouby Guest


    These are the proverbial 'men behind the curtain' and they are the true masters of the universe that run the global monetary system. They stay the hell out of the spotlight for this reason. But as it relates to this issue of canceling the debt, there is no way in hell these masters of the universe are going to allow that to happen. In my opinion it should happen, and then the Fed be abolished in its current form and a central bank brought under direct control of Congress, but I won't hold my breath for this to happen.

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    Agreed, but the media and the war mongers sure twist Ron Paul into the shadow, the NWO, and he won't sell out to the Bilderberg group.
    Why pay taxes when they print money out of thin air? because the IRS would rather STEAL your money and Assets, more value.
    Now since the so called Government is owned or sold out and won't do nothing to end the Fed
    it Makes you wish we had a Man around like Andrew Jackson.

    Romeny maybe the Next puppet in Chief. He too will not turn on the elite scum that installs him to fool the masses.
    It has now come down to the Citizens to protect their money, freedom and Liberty.
    The Masters should be ostracized, with drawn, another theory is they also buy their lives when in fact someone does get close enough.
    I personally don't want their money but would rather expose them and feed them to the animals.

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    I wish it were simply fear that prevents Americans from doing anything of consequence. That would at least imply they've recognized the problem.

    Sadly I think it is worse than that. So many Americans are living the lie. They believe The Matrix is reality, and they would rather bury their heads in the sand and continue living the lie than wake up and face the hard reality that their lives are ruled by global elites like the true masters of the universe including those behind the Fed and other global central banks.



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