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Thread: Twiggs Money

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    AngelSet Guest

    Default Twiggs Money

    Colin as a long time loser of money, I have settled on using, basicly Twiggs money and MACD, a method scoffed at when I mentioned it some years ago, by a frequent illegible and non helpful contributer, thankfully no longer visible.
    I go through my favourites to see how Twiggs money is performing. Would it be possible to list in order the top Twiggs money performers. I realise they probably change from day to day.
    Keep up the good work

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    AnnaEti Guest


    TMF is extremely powerful indicator, one of the best that i have experienced. and I also use in conjunction with MACD histogram and indicators. I have also used walter Bressert D Stacastic indicators in the past that are also very powerful especially when overlayed. If you can provide overlay for IC I believe you will have a very powerful trading tool.
    Thanks Colin

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    Annotationsenp Guest


    Set up a Twiggs Money Flow filter >> Value >> Minimum zero.
    Then click on the TMF header to order by value.

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    Annotationsqen Guest


    Thanks for the prompt reply Colin and Espresso. I will certainly do as you say



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