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  1. Default REFG - Bullish and Profitable!

    We stumbled upon this one last week. Steadily going up in price, solid business plan. Good credit. http://www.otcstockpick.com/2013/08...begin-selling-unified-communication-solution/

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    AKrasnovKa Guest


    OTCSP was not paid for this alert. This is a bullish stock our researchers came upon late last week.

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    AlbertTiz Guest


    Where is said research? All you linked to was a BS pr but out by this sham company.

    No revenues and only $2,916 bucks in the bank on their last report.

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    Aldar777hap Guest


    The price has steadily gone up over the past month. For anyone looking to go long, the future looks pretty good based on the trend. We're well aware that the company has yet to make more revenue--they were recently acquired and are just starting to make moves with the funding and distribution of its tech products. We understand that you want to look out for your fellow investors and call out scams, possible pitfalls, etc. But give this one a chance and moreover, let people reading this thread do their own DD and make their own choices about whether or not to invest. Not many microcap companies started out with hundreds of thousands of dollars in the bank from the on-set. From we we sit, REFG has an actual product to speak of and could continue its run as more investors jump on board at this early

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    Albertohon Guest


    Chart is actually bearish right now. The volume the past 2 days was due to groups like yours pumping it on their product launch. I went to their website and have yet to see how one can buy their products? Usually when you launch a product you would advertise it on your website with a link on how to buy said product. My trading account is more valuable than this company.....

    One thing that would help this company is just changing the name to get out of the oil sector and into the pot sector that they claim to be in..... That would have been my first step before ever trying to launch products. I feel they rushed this in such a way that something is just not right here.

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    The products aren't yet available, and yes, the stock was bearish today. But as with many pennystocks, price spikes typically occur very soon after a rise in volume (i.e. a rise in investor interest). As stated, OTC Stock Pick was NOT paid for any advertisements. We wanted to draw investors' attention to the investment potential of this company, as we see it has a relatively good daily performance track record. We're not here to defend or justify their business decisions, such as waiting to change its stock symbol and/or name to reflect its recent merger. What we are doing is creating awareness for possible gains for daytraders via an early investment. With that sir, we're going to end this thread on a positive note--good luck with the investments you do make and keep your eyes open for a bullish change for REFG. We're keeping our fingers crossed.



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