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  1. Default (INNV) MC $5 M /Float 3.3 M /2x Big Product Launchs imminent = 2000%++ Potential

    Thats a Stock called a REAL LIFETIME OPPORTUNITY . Please Do your own DD and you will know why .GL

    This Unknown Goldmine has One Product on the Market since May 2013 and another Two Big Products will be launched in 4Q 2013 . More Partner Deals coming before Year End which will bring more Cash to the Company . The Most of the Products targeting a Multi-Billion-Dollar Market . CEO says main goal for 2014 is Nasdaq-Listing means he expect that this Low Float Rocket to move over $3 because this is a requirement for Nasdaq-Listing .

    At $10 this Stock would have a Market Cpa of Only $170 M and thats achievable with their Products which have HUGE Market Potential .

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    Upcoming Milestone 2013 :

    •First commercial ex-US sales of CIRCUMserum occurred in May 2013

    •Secure commercial partnerships/distributors in the MENA countries for CIRCUMserum andEjectDelay

    •Launch of EjectDelay for Premature Ejaculation and Apeaz for Arthritis Pain Relief in the US in Q4 2013

    The estimated U.S. market size for treatment of osteoarthritis is $5+ billion annually

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    Agapiyanup Guest


    Product Route Stage Disease Territory Exp.Launch Date

    CIRCUMserum™ Topical OTC Reduced Penile Sensitivity Ex-US Marketed

    EjectDelay™ Topical OTC Compliant Premature Ejaculation Worldwide Q4 2013

    Apeaz™ Topical OTC Compliant Arthritis Pain Worldwide Q4 2013

    Acne Care Topical OTC Registration Acne Treatment Worldwide Q1 2014

    Cough/Cold Lozenges Oral OTC Cough & Cold Reduction Worldwide Q2 1014

    Xyralid™ Topical OTC Registration Anesthetic Worldwide Q1 2014

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    Do you feel better now ? hehe The reason for the low liquidity was because this stock was unknown .

    Fantastic News out today and in the last few days the CEO is doing really a good job here . Dont forget his main goal is the Nasdaq Listing within 2014 and a requirement to get the Nasdaq Listing is the Stock must be above $3 so it means that he sees this stock moving higher than $3 which would mean a low market cap of around $54 Million .GL

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    Airbladeked Guest


    Innovus Pharma Readies the Launch of EjectDelay(TM) for Premature Ejaculation With Nationwide Sampling Program to Urologists in the U.S. Through the American Urology Association...Sept. 24, 2013

    Innovus Pharma Signs Second License and Distribution Agreement With Ovation Pharma for EjectDelay(TM) in Morocco
    Company to Receive Up to $18.6 Million in Payments



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