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Thread: INNV up 100%

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    AArabellquaw Guest

    Default INNV up 100%

    Innovus was posted here a while back with a bunch of hype, so I looked into it and watched the news. From about 0.50 when I started watching it just hit $1.09 in what has been a slow steady climb. I guess their sex based pharma products are doing well overseas.

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    Nope...still no revenues and still 2.1 million a quarter in admin expenses.

    I would say what you are seeing is the pre-loading to an awareness campaign. Past few days seen 2 and 3 times the 10 day volume average.

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    DollarChamp is trying to pump this right now. He is notorious for being involved with trying to pump low float bio-techs. Sure they got this one to go, but it's fairly easy when very few shares trade each day, making a few buyers cause a big increase in price. Same thing will happen when sellers come out, it will go down just as fast. It's tough to play these types with any real money but they can be fun gambles if you understand the risks.

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    I'll watch it a few more days as I was planning to get out at 1.25, only playing with 50 shares. As you say sell on the way up. If it makes another big jump or stalls I'll dump it. Thanks guys.



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