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Thread: Easyjet - EZJ

  1. Default Easyjet - EZJ

    This has got a 123 low break out now
    In profit from earlier entry already so should be a nice free trade

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    I just got a buy signal from the bollinger bands scans i did using metastock pro.

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    I think your summary is spot on, this could bounce here, or dump further, possibly quite strongly.

    the daily.
    shows a failed 1,2,3 low or higher low failure, always bearish and a sign this downtrend is not over.

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    This looks interseting imho.
    First the clear h&s top, but the neckline break(and confirmation of the downtrend) only took at 1325p
    So it could be argued, the down trend has just begun.

    Major support at 10, and some supports just below, as you pointed, but once (and if off course) they fail, no real major support until 750p, and 646p (200 day ema).
    below that the main long term trendline at around 475p.

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    Was just about to write a note on these, so will do so, then read yours TF.



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