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Thread: Sndy -

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    Amazonnnafs Guest

    Default Sndy -

    is this worth holding on to ??


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    Amazonnnlpe Guest


    looks like a winner

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    AmberK1801 Guest


    What did you buy at GQKash?

    Probably not though, this was hyped heavily in the past. Just bagholders now. Learn to trade these things and you'll do much better. For me, I'm playing NTEK right now in the low priced junk range. But it won't run forever, and will head down in the long term just like 99% of penny stocks. I ride the trend, sell on the way up, and move onto the next one. CLNO is another one right now. But it will crash soon. These are just examples.

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    AmontobiHut Guest


    didnt buy too much ..like $450 worth only .. yea im new to the penny stocks, im more invested in bac and Vz and doing well .. penny stocks yea i need to learn to sell/trade and stuff

    currently im in MJNA(medical marijuana & SNDY )

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    Did anyone actually read my paragraph above? Pretty much just gave you a 100% winner in NTEK this past week if you paid attention. I'm guessing most were to lazy to actually read it or look at the chart for themselves. My members were glad I alerted my buy at .03, and hell I even sent NTEK out to my free penny list that day. Doesn't get any easier than NTEK was. Seriously, if you aren't making money in this trading game you ought to at least apply for a 2 week trial to my trading room. From penny stocks to $800 GOOG stock, we talk about plenty of opportunities to make money.



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