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  1. Default How big is your CFD account?

    Hi this is my first post on incrediblecharts forum I have come across it many times in the past.

    I have been trading CFD's on the CMC Markets platform, for nearly 5 months and I have done pretty well. Starting with $1000 I have grown my portfolio to $2800 in 15 trades using both long and short positions.

    At first I was sceptical about the stop losses being executed, but I now feel confident that trading indicies with stop loss and limit orders to lock in my max win/loss is working for me.

    I am now thinking that I should take a personal loan of say $50,000 and stick it in my CMC account.

    I am feeling a little bit nervous about it, so my questions are:
    1) is anyone else trading CMC markets with $50K+ in their account?
    2) does anyone have experience borrowing funds to invest in CFDs (which themselves leverage through borrowed money). I realise this becomes a heavily geared investment.

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    Amazonnnfwn Guest


    This must be sign that we are nearing a .

    Have you considered what will happen if the market corrects sharply and jumps a few of your stops?

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    Amazonnnuws Guest


    No Way pwrkd, my CFD account is $7000 and no more. I am very cautious with CFDs. remember, you get nothing for nothing. Just beware

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    I figure I can lose everything in my account at worst case.

    I would not put the entire 50K at risk for 1 position of course. I always spread my risk by trading multiple foreign indicies at the same time, some short some long.

    Colin, could you elaborate on what you mean by "we're nearing a Stop?"



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