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  1. Default ACHN: The little engine that can

    Looking at ACHN right now and it's currently trading at around $2.90. ACHN dropped about 45% September 30th when an announcement about one of their drugs causing liver failure made news. Now this stock is very undervalued and looking at the charts since the fall, it's picking up. Once this goes down to $2.85, I'm buying myself.

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    I traded this like a chump earlier this week. Got shaken out. Consider playing the 3 break if it doesn't dip. Has room to 3.50 at least. But remember the stock tanked for a reason. Hep-C drug still on hold. Who knows when if ever the FDA could let it start up again. Other drugs are still in phase I/II and will be awhile out. Therefore this will be a slow play with the best chance to move on the 3 break, then probably a slow creep or sideways grind until a new catalyst approaches or the Hep-C drug is released off hold. Good Luck!

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    Looks like ACHN is finally to the $3 mark. Once it passes, it could potentially go up to at least $3.50

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    Closed above that 3. I only worry about lighter volume next week with the holiday, but that could also make it jump quicker than it normally would. Great potential here and will be interesting to see how it acts.

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    Shaping up for 3.50 breakout now.



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