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    Morning all.........a little background first...1947 vintage from the West. Have been trading almost a year,
    started with SITM starter pack' basis Gann swing trading,
    have only been trading Aust shares and some CFD's.
    I have to learn these techniques in time for retirement,
    trading end of day at the moment.

    Have been reading your forum for a month now and picking up information as we go along,I thank all those that share their knowledge in this forum.

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    Fundamental Analysis for a company gives an indication of their reliability, but I find that so many small cap companies have -ve EPS and PER with no dividend yield
    and also a -ve earnings yield. BDG which has been mentioned in this forum is an example. Is a small negative
    value as such no real indicator of its reliability as a company.

    Thanks to Hilarius with his Weinstein analysis has bought to my attention another criteria a share has to pass before entry, I am having trouble with indicators to run
    with this graph........any suggestions ???

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    Sorry I missed your message

    For long term investing Weinstein recommends the 30 week moving average as the "comfort" line above which trades need to be taking place, ideally with higher highs and higher lows .. ie each successive high higher than the one before and each successive low higher than the one before

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    As long as lows do not penetrate the 30 week moving average to the downside Weinstein describes the long term trend as being intact

    He prescribes different criteria for the short term trader

    The book is well worth the price



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