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    Annotationsasj Guest

    Default Would Depacito still be a Worldwide hit without the Justin Bieber remix?

    Yes, because it's a great song 36%
    No, it was because of Justin Bieber remix that the song became a huge hit 48%
    No, the real reason is the popular Latin rapper Daddy Yankee 16%
    Some people are saying Despacito became a worldwide hit because it's just a great, catchy and infectious song. Others would say it was because of Daddy Yankee. But others would say it is because of Justin Bieber's remix. What do you think is the most real answer? and Please explain further with your answer/vote.

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    Annotationsjch Guest


    Yes it is. It's #1 in the US Billboard Hot 100 for 10 weeks already and is definitely going to break Ed Sheeran's Shape Of You record.

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    Annotationsrca Guest


    Do you see Bieber in the video? There is almost 3bln views without him... No go look up the version with him and compare. 2.7bln vs 400ml... cmn, isn't it obvious?
    Simple math really, if people believe it became a huge hit because of Bieber, why isnt it a huge hit ( the Bieber version )?
    Numbers state which song is a hit, it was already receiving great views before Bieber tagged along.
    Also another thing, how would a song NOT featuring Bieber, became a hit because of him? Don't you see the contradiction here

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    Annotationsrca Guest


    It is because there is no official video of the remix video of Justin bieber so people are forced to watch the original music video. There is a video of the remix but it's just a still picture so who would watch it again after you already watched it?
    Most people revive the song ala Justin Bieber version. Also, the version that went number 1 in US Billboard Hot 100 and UK's official chart is the Justin Bieber version.
    There are a lot of spanish music videos that reached 1 billion views never went to #1 in english speaking countries. Even top 10.
    What I mean was Despacito wouldn't be a hit if there was no Justin Bieber remix.

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    I don't feel forced, i prefer the original one. I guess by your logic i am the only one in the world. I do not watch it, i listen just like most people do.
    US Billboard Hot 100 and UK's official
    Is US and UK the only two countries in the world or the most pupulated? Combined have only about 5% of worlds population...
    #1 in english speaking countrie
    There is over 1000 laungages, not just english...
    What I mean was Despacito wouldn't be a hit if there was no Justin Bieber remix
    You are wrong and you argue with numbers now, isnt it silly? Despacito WAS a hit already before there was a remix. Everything in the top 100 youtube is considered generally a hit ( across the world ) not US/UK -> everywhere.



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