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  1. Default Trading Books for Sale

    I am selling a bunch of trading books - all are in excellent condition

    Stan Weinstein - Secrets for Profiting in Bull and Bear Markets - RRP $34.95 - Price $20

    John Bollinger - Bollinger on Bollinger Bands - RRP $79.95 - Price $50

    Louise Bedford - The Secret of Writing Options - RRP $39.95 - Price $15 (this has some yellow highlighting)

    Louise Bedford - The Secret of Candlestick Charting - RRP 39.95 - Price $15 (this has some yellow highlighting)

    William Eng - Options: Trading Strategies that Work - RRP $42.95 - Price $25

    David Caplan - New Options Advantage - RRP $79.95 - Price $50

    Sheldon Natenberg - Option Volatility and Pricing - RRP $89.95 - Price $55

    Guy Bowers - Options - RRP $39.95 - Price $25

    Martin Pring - A Technician's Guide to Day Trading - RRP $39.95 - Price $25

    Daryl Guppy - Chart Trading - RRP $39.95 - Price $25

    Daryl Guppy - Snapshot Trading - RRP $39.95 - Price $25 (this has "Arthur trade quickly Daryl 2002" inscribed on the front page)

    Daryl Guppy - Trend Trading - RRP $39.95 - Price $25

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    hey, friend! I'm from Russia and i really need this book: Colby R.W., Meyers T.A. The Encyclopedia of Technical Market Indicators. Could u help me to find it, please? Maybe not for sell, maybe u can give me a link in the internet.
    Thank u so much.

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    I also have a set of never-listened-to 22 audio Cd's in a cd case from Universal Trading Solutions entitled "The Science of Trading Options". I got barred from the Forum many, many years ago for challenging the things they were teaching people, and these were an (unsuccessful) attempt to buy me off - I think they were selling for $500 plus at the time. That didn't work and I was eventually threatened with legal action - which did work.

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    I am open to offers if anyone is interested in them.



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