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  1. Default How easy is it to trade with this DSS Equities Portal?

    I am considering buying the DSS Equities Portal. Any information or experiences users can share with me? They’ve been very helpful in providing information to help me, and it all sounds great, but I want to hear it from people using it. Many thanks.

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    Trading can be a profitable endeavour FlyinHigh, I have read good reports in the past about DSS Equities Portal and their other trading systems though. How did you find out about this?

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    Hi Ryan43, thanks for the reply. I am a little nervous about getting into it and have read several reviews and also talk to a financial advisor friend of mine, he has mentioned DSS Equities Portal on several occasions. So here I am.

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    From what I understand Flyinghigh, the system is pretty straight forward to run and does a lot of the analysis and charting for you, basically tells you when to get in and out of shares which definitely makes trading a lot easier. Just make sure it’s right for you.

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    Thanks Ryan43 for your input

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    My brother uses is and swears by it, I have seen him operate it and looks fairly easy. I’m not too good on computers and even I could pick up on what he was doing. He runs a portfolio for me and it runs around 9% which is much better than my broker has done in the past

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    Heya FlyinHigh. I havenít used the system, but from what I hear theyíve been round for quite a while which is always a good sign in the financial industry. Most likely one of the more reputable software packages. See if you can get a visual online or something, that will give you a much better idea if itís right for you.

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    Hi FlyinHigh, check out their company site. You may have already but lots of good info and can request a free explanation. I think it’s a brilliant system. I am doing really well since using it.

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    I have been looking at it also, their website is pretty high spec and the software seems to be of a very high standard, very easy to operate in just a few minutes each day havenít heard anything negative about it so most likely a safe investment. Read a few reviews and all positive.

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    I have booked an analyst appointment for tomorrow actually Flyinhigh, so I’ll get back to you about it. I’m excited, it sounds great so far..



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